Kentucky, Numerous States Challenge Biden’s Harmful Title IX Rules

The outcry over President’s Biden’s unlawful and radical new Title IX rules, that seek to redefine sex and harm women, only continues to grow. At least 14 states and numerous organizations, including our allies at Alliance Defending Freedom and the Independent Women’s Forum, have already taken legal action against the proposed change. 

This includes Kentucky’s Attorney General Russell Coleman who, along with the attorneys general from Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia, filed a complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky this week seeking to stop President Biden’s new Title IX rule.

“As Attorney General, it is my duty to protect the people of Kentucky. As a Dad, it is my duty to protect my daughters. Today, I do both,” said Attorney General Coleman in a press release announcing the action. “The Biden Administration’s new rule would rip away 50 years of Title IX’s protections for women and put entire generations of young girls at risk. It’s wrong, and we are joining our colleagues in Tennessee to lead this fight for our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and all the women of our Commonwealth.”

No doubt that the battle to save girls’ sports is continuing to heat up across the nation. In just the last month, we have shared about the NAIA adopting a commonsense policy that ensured fairness in women’s sports, former UK swimmer Riley Gaines filing a monumental lawsuit against the NCAA to change and correct its’ detrimental transgender policy, 

Last week, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) meet to discuss policies for college athletes, giving them an opportunity to do the right thing – adopt a policy, similar to the NAIA, that would protect college female athletes from being forced to compete against men in college sports. Kentucky, and over 20 other states, have already passed laws protecting female athletes in their own states. BUT, the reality is when female athletes travel to compete in other more liberal states, they do not have similar laws protecting women. It’s past time for the NCAA to act to protect female athletes nationwide!

In fact, over 4,000 female athletes sent letters to the NCAA before this week’s meeting asking them to protect women’s sports. You can help by calling the NCAA to tell them to protect female athletes! You can help by calling the NCAA ‘s “Legislative Questions” line at 317-917-6008, wait for a person to answer, and politely urge them to end their discriminatory policy of allowing men to compete on women’s sports team by adopting a policy similar to the NAIA.

We are thankful for the leadership of Kentucky Attorney General Coleman, and many others, who are helping lead the fight to protect women’s sports and equal opportunities in schools.

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