The church outreach initiative of The Family Foundation exists to help churches and Christians fulfill their God-given mission to influence their culture for Christ, in being the “salt and light” that our Lord Jesus Christ called and commanded us to be (Matt.5:13-16). Since The Family Foundation’s inception in 1990, we have spoken in over a thousand churches all over the Commonwealth and across denominational lines on the necessity of Biblical citizenship.

We build relationships with pastors, churches, and church associations to educate and equip the body of Christ to handle pressing cultural and moral issues facing Christians today.

Our publication, the “Kentucky Citizen,” is mailed to thousands of Kentucky churches to keep believers in the Commonwealth updated on what is happening in the public square. We also have a daily “Let Us Pray” devotional, Monday through Friday, that addresses pressing issues in Kentucky or our nation, then provides Biblical guidance for Christians through the eternal truths of God’s Word, and finally concludes by leading Kentuckians to unify in prayer asking for the Lord to intervene.

We stand ready to help the Christians have a Biblical worldview that enables them to apply the objective Biblical truth to the issues of today.

Our Church Outreach Team

Baxter Boyd

John Raizor

Let Us Pray Daily Devotional

The Family Foundation’s daily devotional, Let Us Pray, has been a daily part of many pastors’ and ministry workers’ daily routines for many months. Check back here every day to get the Let Us Pray Devotional.