The Family Foundation is a founding member of the Yes for Life Alliance, a group that planned the campaign for the most recent and successful pro-life constitutional amendment effort in Kentucky.

We’re proud to be part of this alliance and hope you’ll join us.

Casting a vote is one of our most sacred responsibilities as citizens.

The Family Foundation serves Kentucky’s voters by providing a resource that provides more insight into the candidates’ positions on important issues impacting the family.

The official CHOOSE LIFE license plate allows you to advocate for life wherever you drive.

A $10 donation to your local pregnancy help center(s) is also included in the registration fee.

The Family Foundation helped establish the Kentucky Memorial for the Unborn, dedicated in 2013, within the historic Frankfort Cemetery. It serves as a living garden, place of healing, and a unique place of closure for those who have lost unborn children.

It serves families whose hearts have been broken by miscarriage, stillbirth, and abortion by allowing them to inscribe the name of their lost child on the granite memorial wall.