BREAKING: Two University of Louisville Professors Suspend Performance of Abortions After Lawmakers Demand Answers

At the July 6 state court hearing on the Human Life Protection Act, U of L Medical School professor Dr. Ashlee Bergin gave alarming testimony that she performed abortions as part of her official duties at U of L and was paid by U of L in violation of Kentucky law.

In 2020, The Family Foundation had raised concerns about U of L’s relationship with EMW, a Louisville abortion mill. At the time, U of L officials denied any wrongdoing but legislators are demanding more answers now after the U of L professor’s bombshell testimony under oath suggested U of L officials had not been forthright.

Lawmakers summoned U of L’s medical dean the following day and demanded answers. Though the dean denied that Kentucky’s laws had been violated, legislators have made clear they “need the facts here” and that funding for U of L may be reconsidered if laws are being violated.

Yesterday, U of L announced that the two professors’ performance of abortions is being suspended as the school explores its options.

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