Group says UofL may be closely involved in abortion clinic

FRANKFORT, KY–The Family Foundation announced today at a press conference, in the State Capitol, that it and 35 state legislators are asking Attorney General Daniel Cameron to investigate the University of Louisville Medical School’s Ryan Residency Program to determine whether it is violating state laws prohibiting taxpayer-funded abortions. The group cited documents it had obtained, showing the close relationship between UofL’s medical school and an abortion clinic in Louisville.

“These documents suggest that the only remaining abortion clinic in Kentucky is being run as an official or quasi-official arm of the University of Louisville’s Medical School,” said Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group. “Not only is UofL involved in the abortion clinic’s activities, but the clinic operates, for all practical purposes, as an extension of the Medical School’s program.”

The group said it had copies of court testimony, depositions, and correspondence from UofL Medical School outlining the school’s involvement.

“According to the documents, the abortion clinic, EMW Women’s Surgical Services, is staffed by UofL physicians, physicians who are hired by UofL partly to do abortions and are paid by the University for working at EMW, where they perform the abortions. One physician said explicitly that she was hired by the program ‘to provide abortion services.’ She considered it ‘part of her job.’ She said she thought it was a ‘part of her contract’ with the University. They are, according to court testimony, paid for working at EMW, where they perform the abortions.”

The group called the school’s involvement “very disturbing,” and possibly illegal.

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