Yes on #2 New Ad: ‘Stop Late-Term Taxpayer Funded Abortions’

The Yes for Life Alliance launched a statewide advertising campaign today urging Kentuckians to vote Yes on Constitutional Amendment #2 this November to stop taxpayer funded abortion up to the moment of birth and protect the unborn.

“Kentuckians have the unique opportunity to protect life and stop late-term, taxpayer funded abortion by voting Yes on #2 this November,” said Addia Wuchner, executive director of Kentucky Right to Life and chair of the Yes for Life Alliance. “Yes on Amendment #2 is the reasonable, commonsense vote to protect the vulnerable and safeguard our tax dollars.”

“Kentucky has a rich history as a pro-life state, but pro-abortion forces outside of Kentucky want to force taxpayer funded abortion-on-demand on our Commonwealth,” said David Walls, executive director of The Family Foundation in Kentucky and founding member of the Yes for Life Alliance. “By voting Yes on Amendment #2, Kentuckians can safeguard our children, protect our tax dollars, and reject the extreme, out-of-state interests seeking to transform our Kentucky values.”

Radical, out-of-state activists want to spend YOUR tax dollars on late-term abortions even up to the moment of birth.
This November, you can stop them by voting Yes on Amendment #2, which stops taxpayer funded, late-term abortions.
Vote YES on Amendment #2 to stop your tax dollars from being spent on late-term abortions.  
YES on #2, the reasonable, common-sense vote.
This message paid for by Yes for Life.

The Family Foundation is a founding member of the “Yes for Life” Alliance that is educating and equipping Kentuckians on the “Yes for Life” Constitutional Amendment #2 that will be on the November 8 ballot. Kentuckians can learn more about Amendment #2 at and

The Family Foundation is the leading Christian public policy organization in Kentucky and stands for Kentucky families and the Biblical values that make them strong. Learn more at

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