Let Us Pray

Blood Money Pours into the Commonwealth

“His friend responded, ‘This can be nothing other than the sword of Gideon son of Joash, the Israelite. God has given the Midianites and the whole camp into his hands.’” – Judges 7:14

Through the Biblical story of Gideon, believers find a very important truth to hold onto throughout life. This truth is that God is the One who delivers the victories in our battles, not numbers or strength.

Gideon, with only a military of three hundred men, was facing overwhelming odds as he and his military were set to battle the massive Midianite army. From Gideon’s perspective, he would have been undoubtedly filled with fear as his small army was severely outnumbered by the Midianite army.

As Gideon continued to stay committed and obedient to God, God continually filled him with strength. Eventually, God gave Gideon and his army a miraculous victory by allowing the army of Midian to completely implode on themselves. Again, through this story, God demonstrates that victory is given by Him to those who stay committed and obedient to Him, and not from strength or numbers.

As extreme out-of-state abortion proponents, like Planned Parenthood, continue to pour millions of dollars into the Commonwealth to oppose the “Yes for Life” Amendment, let us not grow fearful or worried because of the financial deficit in this campaign to protect life. Let us, the pro-life movement, remain committed and obedient to God as He is the one who will grant victory. The story of Gideon reminds us that God can do much more on our behalf than the blood money can of those advocating for abortion.

Father, help us to work diligently and trust You wholly as we strive to protect life here in the Commonwealth. Lord, may we truly find peace in the fact that You are the One who will grant victory. May pro-life Kentuckians across the state earnestly vote “Yes for Life” on November 8th. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.