Win for Parents and Kids in Kentucky! SB 150 Receives Final Passage, Heads to Governor

The Family Foundation Calls on Governor Beshear to Sign Protections for Parents and Children into Law

FRANKFORT, KY – The Family Foundation applauds the Kentucky House and Senate, including leadership in both chambers, for final passage of Senate Bill 150. SB 150 passed the Kentucky Senate 30-7 and passed earlier this evening 75-22 in the Kentucky House. SB 150 now heads to the desk of Gov. Andy Beshear.

Click here to view vote record of final passage for House and Senate.

SB 150 was amended earlier today to include strong protections for parental rights, safeguard children by prohibiting age-inappropriate promotion of sexual orientation & gender identity topics, protect student privacy in intimate facilities, and protect kids from irreparable harm of “gender transition” interventions.

Statement from David Walls, executive director of The Family Foundation:

“This is a big win for Kentucky families. SB 150 provides strong parental rights protections in education, protects Kentucky kids from the irreparable harm of hormone experimentation and mutilation, and ensures commonsense prevails with student privacy protections in restrooms and locker rooms.

“We call on Governor Beshear to immediately sign this commonsense, bipartisan, and broadly supported bill into law,” Walls concluded.

Walls expressed his thanks to Rep. Jennifer Decker, Rep. Shane Baker, Rep. Josh Calloway, Rep. Bill Wesley, Senator Max Wise, and Senator Gex Williams for their leadership on key pieces of the legislation. He also expressed thanks for all the legislators in both chambers, including House and Senate Leadership, that took a bold stand for protecting Kentucky children.


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