Let Us Pray

God’s Rules are Immutable

“Your word, LORD, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens.” – Psalm 119:89

Our culture at large, modern-day America, seems absolutely bent on rewriting the tenets that are found in Scripture and defining truth for themselves. This is seen nowhere more clearly than how our culture neglects and is ultimately trying to redefine what Scripture teaches about human sexuality.

Those holding to the LGBT worldview, whether realizing it or not, are attempting to redefine what the Bible clearly and objectively teaches about marriage, gender, and human sexuality. The Biblical sexual ethics that are found in Scripture are not mutable, as they are eternal truths (Psalm 119:89).

The Christian knows that not only are God’s rules immutable as they are firmly established in the Word forever but also that God established rules for our good and well-being. In all circumstances, including human sexuality, when God’s rules are neglected, rejected, and redefined ultimately only negative consequences follow for a person, community, or culture at large.

Therefore, due to our culture’s prominent and blatant rejection of Biblical sexual ethics, believers must winsomely engage the world around us to show our neighbors that the greatest extent of human flourishing can only occur when one submits their life to the Biblical truths about human sexuality. Furthermore, if we desire to have a nation that once more brings honor to the Lord, then the attempt to redefine God’s truth about human sexuality must stop and ultimately be adhered to.

Father, please help our nation to understand that Your Word endures forever and cannot be redefined or changed. Lord, as our culture continues to prominently celebrate what Your Word condemns concerning human sexuality, help us to be effective advocates for Your truth. Father, empower us to effectively love our neighbors by leading them to come under Your truth in all facets of life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.