WHY PRO-LIFE? Abortion kills a human and rips apart God’s most cherished creation

Scripture is clear that all humans have worth and deserve protection because they are created in the Image of God, His masterpieces.

The Biblical standpoint is plain and distinctive, children in the womb are just as much a human at the point of conception as those who are already born. This is demonstrated in two key Scriptures.

First, from the Old Testament, Genesis 25:21-22 reads: “Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was childless. The LORD answered his prayer, and his wife Rebekah became pregnant.

The babies jostled each other within her, and she said, ‘Why is this happening to me?’ So she went to inquire of the LORD.”

It is important to note here that the occupants in Rebekah’s womb are addressed in these verses as “babies.” The Hebrew word used here for “babies” is הַבָּנִים֙ (banim) which can also be translated into English as “children” or more specifically “sons.” It is of significant importance to also realize that the word “banim” is repeatedly used throughout the Old Testament to refer to children outside the womb.

This important truth is, furthermore, reaffirmed in the New Testament.
Luke 1:41 states: “When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb…” The Greek word used for baby in this verse is βρέφος (brephos) which is a term that is commonly used also to refer to a baby outside the womb (Luke 2:12;16).

Furthermore, it is of great importance to also understand that because the occupant of the womb is a person, he or she is endowed with intrinsic worth and value.

The merit of the person in the womb is directly related to the fact that each and every person is made in the image of Almighty God. Genesis 1:27 states, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

Humanity is the only aspect of all creation that God specifically created in His image. This magnifies humanity as the focal point or highlight of His creation.

Humanity is so special to our Creator that He decided to put His fingerprint directly upon us. In other words, those inside and outside the womb are God’s prized creation, they are His masterpieces. Abortion not only kills a human person but also rips apart God’s most cherished creation.

Baxter Boyd, our Christian Engagement Coordinator, has a heart for equipping Christians to effectively engage the culture for righteousness. He obtained his Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in public theology from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.