CITIZEN: BUT one activist Louisville judge threatens to thwart the will of the people and our pro-life laws

Louisville judge invents state constitutional right to abortion — disregards science, law, and history to overthrow the will of the people.

On June 30, only six days after the U.S. Supreme Court declared that the authority to decide public policy questions on abortion belonged to the people and their elected state representatives, an activist Louisville judge blocked the clear will of the Commonwealth’s citizens and their elected officials to protect unborn children at every stage of development and prevent a beating heart from being intentionally stopped.

The same activist judge, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Mitch Perry, revealed his extremism when he made the absurd claim that there was a right to abortion in the Kentucky Constitution — a right that somehow remained a secret during the Commonwealth’s 140+ years of being pro-life.

Kentuckians, through their elected representatives, have clearly declared that life begins at fertilization and is worthy of protection. Alarmingly, Perry’s July 22 opinion and order overrode the will of the people as he dismissively claimed this is “a distinctly Christian and Catholic belief.” Apparently blinded by his extreme agenda and hostility towards Christianity, Perry failed to even consider scientific reality — 96 percent of surveyed biologists agree that life begins at fertilization and 63 percent of them are non-religious.
Like Roe v. Wade, Judge Perry’s extremism is “egregiously wrong,” “its reasoning [is] extremely weak,” and it will have “damaging consequences.”

Kentuckians can pass the Yes for Life Constitutional Amendment on Nov. 8 in order to ensure that the people and their elected representatives have the freedom to protect living unborn children in the womb, protect the health and safety of mothers, and preserve the integrity of the medical profession.

On August 18, the Kentucky Supreme Court issued an order keeping Kentucky’s Heartbeat Bill and Human Life Protection Act, also known as the trigger ban on abortion, in effect while the pro-abortion industry’s challenge to the laws continues.

The order leaves in place a ruling by the Kentucky Court of Appeals that overturned Judge Perry’s activist order temporarily stopping enforcement of both laws.

Kentucky’s Supreme Court has also accepted the case and set oral arguments for November 15, 2022.

To be clear, at stake in this case is the will of Kentuckians, as expressed by the overwhelming and bipartisan support of their elected officials in the Kentucky General Assembly; the Commonwealth’s 140+ year pro-life history; and the lives of unborn Kentuckians.

As Kentucky Supreme Court Justices Keller and Nickell noted in their concurring opinion, “prior to the oral arguments in this case, the citizens of this Commonwealth will have an opportunity to embrace or reject an amendment to our Constitution bearing directly on many of the issues in the underlying circuit court action. We look forward to that expression of the will of the Commonwealth.”