Pro-Life & Pro-Woman “Humanity in Healthcare Act” Heads to Governor

Pro-Life & Pro-Woman “”Humanity in Healthcare Act” Heads to Governor

FRANKFORT, KY – The Family Foundation applauds the Kentucky General Assembly for its final passage of House Bill 3, the “Humanity in Healthcare Act” sponsored by Rep. Nancy Tate. HB 3, which passed with a final concurrence vote in the House late yesterday evening, now heads to the desk of Governor Andy Beshear.

“HB 3 protects the health and safety of both the mother and her preborn child,” explained David Walls, Executive Director of The Family Foundation. “The Biden administration’s recent reversal of long-standing FDA safety guidelines threatened the doctor-patient relationship that many women rely upon and dangerously substituted it for ‘do-it-yourself’ mail-order abortion. HB 3’s prohibition of mail-order abortion ensures that pro-abortion politics isn’t put ahead of a woman’s safety in the Commonwealth.”

HB 3 was also amended to include a 15-week ban on abortion that would go into effect if the U.S. Supreme Court rules that such a ban is constitutional. A decision in the Dobbs case, based on Mississippi’s 15-week ban, is expected this summer.

“Kentucky’s enactment of a 15-week ban on abortion is also a recognition of the basic human dignity recognized by most of the world,” Walls emphasized, “Kentucky is rightly acting to ensure preborn babies are given the legal-protection that they deserve.”

In addition to prohibiting abortion pills by mail and the 15-week ban on abortion, other important provisions in HB 3, include: updating the law pertaining to minors seeking abortion, parental consent and judicial bypass; requiring dignified disposal of preborn human remains; and prohibiting public agency funds from being paid to any entity, organization, or individual that performs or refers for abortion.

The Family Foundation strongly urges Gov. Beshear to sign this commonsense, broadly supported bill into law.


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