President Biden Signs Radical LGBTQI+ Executive Order

President Calls Majority of Americans ‘Bullies’ For Supporting Protections for Children and Families

LEXINGTON, KY – President Joe Biden has announced an unprecedented executive order “advancing LGBTQI+ equality during Pride Month.” The sweeping order labels more than half of all Americans, and an overwhelming majority of Kentuckians, as ‘bullies’ for supporting common-sense legislative efforts to ensure parental rights, protect children from transgender interventions, and save women’s sports.

The Family Foundation helped lead the effort to pass the Save Women’s Sports Act (SB 83) in Kentucky earlier this year. 18 states have now passed Save Women’s Sports laws in the last 2 years.

Statement from David Walls, Executive Director of The Family Foundation:
“With this radical executive order, President Biden has threatened democracy with a federal takeover of decisions that belong to parents, families, and health-care professionals. The President is going after states, like Kentucky, who are pushing back against his woke, anti-family agenda.

“It is shameful that the President is labeling a majority of Americans as ‘bullies’ simply because we believe parents should know what is happening in their child’s classroom, girls’ sports should be reserved for girls, and children should not be sexualized or treated as guinea pigs in a gender ideology experiment.

“We will not be intimidated. We will continue to stand with parents, families, and values-supporting Americans in protecting our children and opposing this dangerous and divisive agenda. The President has only added fuel to the pro-family movement sweeping across Kentucky, and the entire nation,” Walls concluded.


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