Pride Month Targets Children at Kentucky’s Public Libraries

June is Pride Month, the time of the year when the LGBTQ+ Movement is most vocal and commands the biggest spotlight in our American culture.

Companies change their logos, streaming services spotlight LGBTQ+ shows and movies, advertisements shift, the media highlights the LGBTQ+ lifestyle, cities hold parades, embassies and businesses fly the rainbow flag, and the movement is also promoted in numerous other ways.

Unfortunately, some of Kentucky’s public libraries are using taxpayer money to promote LGBTQ+ Pride and lifestyle to children.

In Lexington, the Tates Creek Branch is hosting a “Pride Prom” for tweens and teens to come dressed “your true best.”

Another public library had LGBTQ+ Pride word search handouts for children.

In Hawesville, the public library is displaying and promoting a number of LGBTQ+ books, including children’s books such as “RAINBOW: A First Book of Pride.”

That first book for young kids includes the following indoctrination:

“Rainbows are so colorful and beautiful, nature’s way of smiling at us all. Rainbow flags are happy too. They celebrate love, hope, diversity, and acceptance. Waving the flag says, ‘This is who I am, and I stand proud!’ Happy Pride!”

Is your public library using your taxpayer dollars to promote the LGBTQ+ lifestyle to your kids? It’s certainly worth checking into.

During LGBTQ+ Pride Month, parents and grandparents are confronted with the intentional targeting of our children with propaganda meant to sexualize them; cause them to question being made, male and female, in the Image of Christ; and distort their understanding of God’s design for relationships and family. And it all starts with distorting the meaning of the rainbow, God’s promise to us.

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