Biden Labels Most Americans Bullies for Supporting Common Sense

On Wednesday (June 15), in honor of LGBTQI+ Pride Month, President Biden signed an expansive executive order advancing the LGBTQI+ Agenda.

This executive order labels the majority of Kentuckians and Americans “bullies” and accuses them of “targeting LGBTQI+ people.”

So, what are these alleged “harmful, hateful, and discriminatory attacks” that we are accused of?

  1. Protecting women’s sports and honoring the intent of Title IX protections by prohibiting biological males, who have inherent physical advantages that destroy fair competition, from participating in women’s sports—A commonsense position widely supported across political allegiances.

  2. Protecting minors from the physical and mental harms, including irreversible permanent side effects, of undergoing a “gender transition” through the off-label use of puberty blockers and dangerous sex-change surgery—Another commonsense position that prevents our children from being manipulated and making irreversible decisions before they have the capacity to do so.

Biden’s executive order also launches an initiative to “crack down” on attempts to “suppress or change the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTQI+ people,” which he labels as “conversion therapy” and characterizes as a “discredited and dangerous practice.”

So, what do LGBTQI+ advocates view as conversion therapy? Any effort to tell individuals that they have a choice—that their human sexuality, desires, and temptations don’t define them—that they aren’t relegated to a specific identity or to acting on their desires… in short, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

At Biden’s direction, federally-funded programs will be prohibited from offering so-called “conversion therapy;” the U.S. Government will “increase public awareness about its harms” (i.e. – publicly shame those who believe and teach the Gospel); the Federal Trade Commission will be directed to consider the Gospel’s teaching, as applied to human sexuality, as “an unfair or deceptive act or practice” that may warrant consumer warnings or notices; and the U.S. Government will develop an action plan to “promote an end” to it throughout the world.

Biden’s executive order also contains other steps to promote the LGBTQI+ Agenda and builds upon his administration’s earlier actions, including threatening to take away school lunch programs for children if States fail to comply with his radical agenda.

The Family Foundation will not be intimidated and will continue to stand for Kentucky families, and the Truth that makes them strong.

Our Executive Director, David Walls, released the following statement in response to Biden’s Executive Order:

“With this radical executive order, President Biden has threatened democracy with a federal takeover of decisions that belong to parents, families, and health-care professionals. The President is going after states, like Kentucky, who are pushing back against his woke, anti-family agenda.

It is shameful that the President is labeling a majority of Americans as ‘bullies’ simply because we believe parents should know what is happening in their child’s classroom, girls’ sports should be reserved for girls, and children should not be sexualized or treated as guinea pigs in a gender ideology experiment.

We will not be intimidated. We will continue to stand with parents, families, and values-supporting Americans in protecting our children and opposing this dangerous and divisive agenda. The President has only added fuel to the pro-family movement sweeping across Kentucky, and the entire nation.”

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