Let Us Pray

Let Us Pray: Planned Parenthood Admits Disturbing Tactic

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” – Ephesians 5:11

On Monday, Attorney General Andrew Bailey of Missouri attended a court hearing to argue that his lawsuit against Planned Parenthood Great Planes should move forward. In February, Attorney General Bailey filed a lawsuit against the nation’s largest abortion mill alleging that the organization was trafficking teens across the state line into Kansas to obtain secret abortions without parental knowledge or consent.

Ammunition for the lawsuit was acquired by a Project Veritas video where undercover journalists captured Planned Parenthood staff admitting to the disturbing tactic. The lawsuit states, “Planned Parenthood’s most recent troubling activity was captured on video, where Planned Parenthood staff admitted they traffic minors across state lines to perform abortions on them without parental consent. Worse, they admit doing this ‘every day, every day, every day.’”

Planned Parenthood is directly violating Missouri law with this tactic as it is clearly a violation of fundamental parental rights to facilitate a secret abortion for a minor without parental consent. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood is plainly engaging in numerous criminal offenses.

Attorney General Baily in an interview stated, “Agents of Planned Parenthood were bragging about committing this conspiracy to conceal criminal offenses, sexual assaults against minors, criminal offenses, like altering writings by taking off letterhead to obtain consent under false pretenses or deny parents the ability to consent to trafficking in minors out of state for abortions.” All of this, once again, reinforces in the strongest sense, Planned Parenthood has never been about the health and safety of women and children, but rather about the termination of human life.


Father, may this lawsuit move forward, and may Planned Parenthood be held fully responsible for these criminal tactics. Lord, please strengthen Attorney General Bailey as he stands for truth in this case. Father, empower Your people to always have the courage to defend human life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.