Let Us Pray

National March for Life (January 21, 2022)


“Did He who made me in the womb not make him, And the same one create us in the womb?” – Job 31:15

Today is the “National March for Life” where tens of thousands of pro-life Americans will unite at the National Mall and march on Capitol Hill. The march today takes place on the anniversary of one of the most heinous and utterly odious rulings in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court, the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

For forty-nine years now, the United States has lost over sixty million Americans, due to them being murdered in the womb from abortion being legal in all fifty states. It is nothing short of a spine-chilling and gut-wrenching fact that every ninety-seven seconds an innocent American is murdered in the womb at Planned Parenthood.

As pro-life advocates, we know this is not only unacceptable but also unsustainable for us as a nation to continue to allow the murdering of innocent life. That is why today, the largest annual human rights demonstration in the world will take place as bold and fearless Americans for life will descend upon Capitol Hill to proclaim that life is sacred and must be protected.

Let us join with our fellow pro-life Americans today, whether with them in the march or afar, that life is a fundamental human right, and that each person is created in the image of God and has inherent dignity and worth. Let us together resolve today, that the days of legalized abortion are numbered and must be outlawed in our lifetime!

Father, may the pro-life movement be heard loud and clear today throughout America. Father, thank You, for the precious gift of life. Help us, Lord, to do all we can to see life here in Kentucky and America protected. Father, may one-day abortion be completely outlawed in America. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Praying For Our Kentucky Leaders

Join us in praying for our elected leaders throughout
the 2022 Legislative Session:

Kentucky Legislators in District 19 and 20
Sen. Morgan McGarvey (District 19)
Rep. Michael Meredith (District 19)
Sen. Paul Hornback (District 20)
Rep. Patti Minter (District 20)