NCAA “Punts” on Transgender Issue, Underscores Need for State Law

NCAA “Punts” on Transgender Issue, Underscoring Need for Save Women’s Sports Act says The Family Foundation

LEXINGTON, KY – “The NCAA has punted on the issue of allowing biological males to participate in female sports competition,” said The Family Foundation today, in response to yesterday’s announcement by the largest college sports organization that it will allow the national governing body of each sport to determine its own standards on transgender participation.

“This non-decision just underscores the need for state legislation in Kentucky on this issue, like the Save Women’s Sports Act,” said Martin Cothran, a Spokesman and Sr. Policy Analyst for the group. “This is the NCAA’s way of deciding not to decide. It means that many, if not all sports could continue to allow the unfair practice of letting biological males unfairly exploit their physical advantage over women.”

Versions of the Save Women’s Sports Act that would address the problem of biological males participating in women’s sports competition have already been filed in the Kentucky General Assembly. House Bill 23 by Rep. Ryan Dotson and House Bill 287 by Rep. Lynn Bechler have been filed in the House, and Senate Bill 83 by Sen. Robby Mills has been filed in the Senate.

“The NCAA claimed its decision was partly based on fairness. But there is no fairness in an unlevel playing field. This is why we have separate women’s leagues in the first place, and divisions in each of those leagues: to make sure that competition is fair.”

The Save Women’s Sports Act has already passed in 9 states since 2020, most recently in Texas in 2021. Kentuckians can learn more about the Save Women’s Sports Act and contact their legislators on the new Action Center on The Family Foundation’s updated website.

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