Let Us Pray

Iran Attacks Israel

“Redeem Israel, O God, out of all his troubles.” – Psalm 25:22

Over the weekend, startling news broke out that Israel was being viciously bombarded in a calculated attack. Over 300 extremely dangerous missiles and drones were launched toward the Jewish nation by its enemy Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran launched this unfounded and deliberately cruel attack in an already complex time for Israel. The Jewish nation is in the middle of continuing its counteroffensive efforts to handle the serious situation with Hamas, who launched a heinous surprise attack on them this past October.

Thankfully, it has been reported by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) that nearly all of the rockets, 99% of them, were intercepted and did not harm the Jewish people. Although the bombardment was largely a failure by the Iranian regime, Iran’s leaders still praised the attack as a “historic, powerful, and victorious operation.”

U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, thankfully, made clear that the United States will defend Israel by saying, “We do not seek conflict with Iran, but we will not hesitate to act to protect our forces and support the defense of Israel.” Middle East tensions are palpable right now, as it is an extremely volatile situation, we must earnestly ask the Lord to save Israel “out of all his troubles.”


Father, please give Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and all of Israel‘s leaders Your wisdom and courage to act correctly in this very volatile time. Please also give wisdom and discernment to President Biden and our elected leaders. Lord, may your protection and peace cover the Jewish state. Father, may this situation with Iran dissipate and not escalate into a wide-ranging war. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.