Let Us Pray

A Predictable Outcome (March 22, 2022)

“Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” – Proverbs 31:9

At the beginning of this swimming season William Thomas who now goes by the name “Lia” Thomas, who is a biological male, identified as a woman which resulted in him transferring from UPenn’s men’s swimming team to the women’s team. Since joining the women’s team, although Thomas was an average swimmer against other males, has completely dominated his female competition and stole records from them throughout the season.

Recently, the NCAA held the women’s Division 1 swimming competition championship. With Thomas in the competition, the outcome was extremely easy to predict. You guessed it, on Thursday, Thomas won an NCAA swimming championship by taking the 500m freestyle title.

As Thomas stood on the championship podium next to the second and third place finishers, the picture told the whole story. In the picture, one will clearly see a broad-shouldered, much physically stronger, taller, bigger man, Thomas, next to the much smaller frames of the women. With the enormous physical advantages seen in the picture, it is no wonder why he dominated the women’s competition.

Transgender ideology is a direct threat to women’s sports and will ultimately if not addressed and corrected will destroy female athletics. Women are losing when biological males are allowed to compete in their sports and steal from them championships, records, and scholarships. If this absurdity is allowed to continue then women will be forced to settle with the reality as Angela Morabito said, “Second is the new first.”

Thankfully, the Kentucky General Assembly is on the brink of passing the “Save Women’s Sports Act” that will protect female athletes here in Kentucky from having their sports destroyed by biological men. The bill still needs to cross the finish line as it has been passed in the House and awaits expectantly a vote in the Senate.


Father, empower the Kentucky Senate to quickly and effectively pass this important piece of legislation, the “Save Women’s Sports Act.” Lord, may female athletes here in the Commonwealth be allowed to compete on a level and fair playing field. Father, may opponents of this bill clearly see from this current situation that women lose when biological men are allowed to compete in their sports. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.