Divided KY House Votes to Expand Predatory Gambling, Legalize “Medical” Marijuana

FRANKFORT, KY – The Family Foundation regrets the Kentucky House’s decision to pass HB 606, which constitutes a massive expansion of predatory gambling at a time when Kentuckians can least afford it. The Foundation was further disappointed by the House’s decision yesterday to pass HB 136, legalizing “medical” marijuana.

The 58-30 vote today claimed to “legalize” wagering on sports, fantasy contests, and online poker.
On the heels of last year’s contentious expansion of gambling in which the General Assembly overrode the Kentucky Supreme Court to “legalize” historical horse racing slot gaming, the Republican Caucus was once again divided on another massive expansion of predatory gambling.

“The expansion of predatory gambling and government-sponsored fleecing of its own citizens is a shameful development, especially in a time of rising inflation, gas prices, and other costs that are making family budgets tighter than ever. This will only further impoverish Kentucky’s poor by taking money from the hands of Kentucky families and shifting it to the wealthy gambling industry,” said David Walls, Executive Director of The Family Foundation.

“Are pro-gambling advocates setting up the Republican Caucus for division and controversy every year? Kentuckians surely did not elect conservative majorities in the General Assembly to expand predatory gambling and legalize marijuana, especially when many pro-family issues need their attention,” Walls concluded.

One of the main purposes of good government is to seek the welfare of its citizens, not to exploit those who are vulnerable. Yet, the Kentucky House even rejected a safety net amendment to HB 606 that would have prevented Kentuckians from losing more than $1,000 per day.

The Family Foundation calls on the Kentucky Senate to ensure that HB 606’s expansion of state-sponsored predatory gambling and HB 136 legalization of “medical” marijuana is not allowed to become law. Kentuckians deserve better from their elected leaders.


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