CITIZEN: KY’s Constitutional Officers: Beshear reelected, as Republicans sweep the remainder of offices.

"First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers... be made on behalf of all men, for... all who are in authority..." - 1 Timothy 2:1-4

In November, 38.09 percent of registered voters turned out to elect Kentucky’s statewide constitutional officers in the executive branch, who enact the Commonwealth’s laws and policies.

GOVERNOR: Democrat Governor Andy Beshear was reelected with 53 percent of voters. Republican challenger Daniel Cameron, the sitting Attorney General, received 47 percent of the votes.

ATTORNEY GENERAL: Republican Russell Coleman was elected Attorney General, the Commonwealth’s top law enforcement officer, with 58 percent of the vote. Democrat Pamela Stevenson, a current state representative, had received 42 percent of the votes.

SECRETARY OF STATE: Republican Secretary of State Michael Adams was reelected with 61 percent of the vote. Democrat challenger Charles “Buddy” Wheatley received 39 percent.

AUDITOR OF PUBLIC ACCOUNTS: Republican Allison Ball, the sitting State Treasurer, was elected Auditor with 61 percent of the vote. Democrat Kimberly “Kim” Reeder received 39 percent.

STATE TREASURER: Republican Mark Metcalf was elected State Treasurer with 57 percent of the vote. Democrat Michael Bowman received 43 percent.

COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE: Republican Jonathan Shell was elected Commissioner of Agriculture with 59 percent of the vote. Democrat Sierra Enlow received 41 percent.

SPECIAL 93rd HOUSE DISTRICT ELECTION: There was also a special election to fill a vacancy in the 93rd state house district (Lexington). Democrat Adrielle Camuel was elected with 58 percent of the vote. Republican Kyle Whalen received 42 percent.

As the constitutional officers of the Commonwealth’s executive branch prepare for their swearing-in, other Kentucky citizens are already preparing for next year’s elections. In addition to the 2024 presidential election, Kentucky citizens will be choosing state representatives, state senators, and state judges. The January 5 filing deadline for these candidates is quickly approaching. Join us in praying for all our statewide elected leaders.

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