CITIZEN: Church Ambassador Network: Advancing God’s kingdom through shepherd-to-shepherd meetings.

Baxter Boyd, Church Ambassador Network Director, shares his main objectives for every meeting between pastors and elected officials.

The mission of the Church Ambassador Network is to inspire the Church to engage government for the advance of God’s Kingdom. One way this is accomplished is by connecting the shepherds of God’s Church (pastors) to God’s shepherds of government (the king or today’s elected officials). Our purpose is to build intentional relationships that build into the “king” as a person, shepherd, and community partner.

There are three main objectives that are at the forefront of every meeting when I bring pastors to the Capitol to meet with legislators.

First, to simply connect the shepherds of the two distinct institutions that God created. Pastors and governing authorities are both ordinary people who have been called into an extraordinary, and often heavy, responsibility. Both pastors and governing authorities need a safe place where they can be themselves, and not their title. Pastors and governing authorities can provide each other with a safe place where they can rest, be themselves, and grow.

Second, so the shepherds of the two distinct institutions that God created can find encouragement. Pastors and governing authorities both have an important calling from the Lord to shepherd a flock. Pastors shepherd a congregation, and governing authorities shepherd a city, state, or nation. This job is not only difficult, it comes with tremendous sacrifices for them and their families. Very few will notice those sacrifices and even fewer will express thanks. Pastors and governing authorities can encourage each other in this and can point each other to the Chief Shepherd, who will reward them.

Third, so the shepherds of the two distinct institutions that God created can become partners. No one knows the needs of our communities more than pastors and governing authorities. They often carry the burden of the needs on their shoulders and hearts. It is our desire to see these two institutions partner together to meet these needs, much like Joseph and Pharaoh worked together to spare Egypt from famine. We can learn from them to partner together to meet the growing needs of our communities.

As I facilitate important shepherd-to-shepherd meetings, starting at the Kentucky Capitol in January, it would be my honor to facilitate meetings for you if you are a pastor. If you are a pastor or church leader and would like to connect with me to see how you or your church can get involved with the Church Ambassador Network, feel free to email me at [email protected] or visit

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