CITIZEN: 6th Circuit Court Upholds Protections for Children.

Kentucky's Senate Bill 150, which was upheld, protects children from experimental and irreversible gender "transitions".

In September, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld laws in Kentucky (SB 150) and Tennessee that provide commonsense protections against harmful gender ‘transitions’ of children, and their resulting irreversible harms. As a result, children in Kentucky and Tennessee will remain protected as the case moves forward.

The Sixth Circuit acknowledged the “unsettled, developing, in truth still experimental, nature of treatments in this area” and that “no one disputes that these treatments carry risks or that the evidence supporting their use is far from conclusive.” Accordingly, the Kentucky General Assembly is certainly entitled to “choose fair-minded caution” to protect children from procedures that are “invasive to the integrity of the human body,’ and ‘not, or are not readily, reversible.’”

The Family Foundation played an integral role in the passage of SB 150 and also filed a “friend of the court” legal brief with the Sixth Circuit in the case, along with 30 family policy organizations, urging the Court to uphold the law.
We are thankful the Kentucky General Assembly acted to protect children from bodily harm by overriding Governor Andy Beshear’s disappointing veto of these commonsense protections.

The ACLU has appealed the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court. If the Court accepts the case, it would be the first time that the nine justices consider these experimental and harmful interventions and laws protecting children from them.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron tirelessly defended Senate Bill 150 and The Family Foundation fully anticipates that newly elected Attorney General Russell Coleman will likewise be committed to the protection of the Commonwealth’s children.

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