Beshear hires campaign donors to defend KY marriage law

”The fox is in full control of the henhouse,” said The Family Foundation’s spokesman today after it was revealed that Gov. Steve Beshear had hired a law firm whose partners are big donors to Democratic campaigns to defend Kentucky’s Marriage Amendment. Read more...

No new pro-life bill has reached the House Floor in nine years, but the NEW Ultrasound Bill – HB 575 – has a real chance.

Pressure is mounting and so are options since HB 575 emerged March 4 as the latest ultrasound and informed consent initiative in the General Assembly. Read more...

SB 221: Senate Republicans ask for “standing” in the marriage case in order to defend the will of the people in court

With the Feb. 12 decision by Federal Judge John G. Heyburn II to overturn half of the 2004 Marriage Protection Amendment and with his decision on Feb. 28 to consider overturning the other half of the law, the State Senate has introduced a “standing” bill that would allow members of the General Assembly to defend that law in court. Read more...

A Thought for Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day when many will celebrate (or not) the virtues and value of fathers! Increasingly, more children do not know their father or are conditioned to not even acknowledge, ‘Dad.’ Government has many fatherhood initiatives. However, the value of fathers marrying the mothers of their child(ren) is ignored. The best father is a married father. Read more...

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