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Donate to the Religious Liberty Defense Fund

The Kentucky Religious Liberty Defense Fund was established for the legal defense of those who are targeted to have their religious liberty curtailed and for legislative measures that will ensure religious liberty for all. This includes government workers, such as county clerks, who are under fire now, and others, such as pastors, when their First Amendments rights are legally contested.” To donate, Click here...

Thousands attend Religious Liberty Rally

Over 6,000 citizens attended the Rally for Religious Liberty on Saturday, Aug. 22. To watch video from the event, Click here...

Gov. Beshear, “Do YOUR job!”

The Family Foundation held a news conference on July 6, calling on Gov. Steve Beshear to act to protect the religious liberty of state and county employees in response to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on marriage. To see video of the news conference Click here...

The Governor needs to abide by the 2013 Religious Liberty Restoration Act

With all the discussion about whether Kentucky’s county clerks should “do their job” when they have conscientious objections about participating in a same-sex marriage, it seems that the attention has been misdirected. According to Kent Ostrander, executive director of The Family Foundation, Gov. Beshear is the one who has not been doing HIS job. Read more...

The Kentucky Citizen

The Kentucky Citizen is a bi-monthly newsletter of The Family Foundation. Click here to read.

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We are pleased to once again offer Voter Registration Kits. Contact us now to order your kit. We encourage you to hold a registration drive during September because all registration cards must be returned to your County Clerk by Oct. 5.
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