Legislation in 2018

Religious Liberty

PRIORITY!     House Bill 372: Pastor, Church and School Protection Act

Rep. Jason Petrie: HB 372 The Pastor, Church and School Protection Act is about protecting pastors but not just pastors… READ MORE


PRIORITY!     House Bill 326: Students’ Right to Privacy Act

Rep. David Hale: One of the clearest principles in the U.S. Constitution is a citizen’s right to privacyREAD MORE


Senate Bill 71: Abstinence Inclusion in Public School Sex Education

Sen. Stephen Meredith: Requires that if a public school teaches Sex Education, “abstinence before marriage is the… READ MORE


House Bill 269: Divorce Reform

Rep. Larry Brown: Twenty one states now require divorce/co-parenting classes. With this bill, Kentucky will join those states… READ MORE

Human Trafficking

House & Senate Resolutions – HCR 93/SCR 105: Internet Trafficking

Rep. Donna Mayfield & Sen. C.B. Embry:  These two Concurrent Resolutions, one in the House and one the Senate, urge Congress… READ MORE

House & Senate Resolutions – HR 134/SR 149: Child Trafficking at Hotels

Rep. John Blanton & Sen. Alice Kerr: These two resolutions recognize the important role citizens and the hospitality industry play… READ MORE

House Bill 152: Empowering Truckers Against Trafficking

Rep. Addia Wuchner: HB 152 would require a person applying for a commercial driver’s license to complete training related… READ MORE

House Bill 294: Treating Trafficking Offenders as Violent Offenders

Rep. Joni Jenkins: HB 294 updates the law to better reflect the seriousness of human trafficking or promoting human trafficking by… READ MORE

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