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KY Supreme Court Orders Lexington Abortion Clinic to Remain Closed

"EMW has failed to demonstrate why it should be exempt from licensure as an abortion facility… EMW exists solely to perform abortions and offers little to no proof it does anything else other than performing that service in potentially substandard conditions, proving precisely why the Commonwealth requires these facilities to be licensed in the first place."


Judge Temporarily Halts Obama’s Transgender Directive

One of the many legal challenges to Obama’s transgender directive to schools across the country just resulted in a temporary halt to the policy’s implementation nationwide while the case is decided.

While nearly half of the states are challenging the directive through various lawsuits, this decision was by U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor in a case involving Kentucky and 12 other states.

Choose Life License Plate

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Ostrander appears on PBS Newshour

Executive Director Kent Ostrander recently appeared on PBS Newshour to discuss the transgender bathroom issue. Watch it here...

The Family Foundation supports Bevin action on school bathrooms

"We are thankful that we have a governor who is joining with other states to defend the right of local schools to figure out their own policies on bathroom and locker room facilities without the unwelcome and unhelpful intervention of politically-motivated federal bureaucrats," said Martin Cothran, spokesman for the group.

Opposing Federal Intrusion Into Privacy

The Family Foundation has joined with 35 other organizations to issue a statement calling on the U.S. Congress to rein in the Obama Administration's attempt to micromanage the bathroom policies of local schools by unilaterally redefining sex in federal guidelines covering the use of school facilities.

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