Yes for Life Alliance Op-Ed Urges Kentuckians to Vote Yes on 2!

Op-Ed by The Yes for Life Alliance Founding Members and published in papers across Kentucky.

Foudning Members: Addia Wuchner (Kentucky Right to Life), Angela Minter (Sisters for Life), Todd Gray (Kentucky Baptist Convention), Jason Hall (Catholic Conference of Kentucky), David Walls (The Family Foundation) and Richard Nelson (Commonwealth Policy Center).

On a bright Saturday afternoon on the steps of the State Capitol, hundreds of pro-life Kentuckians made a strong and impassioned plea for life. Women and men of all ages from across Kentucky joined together in one voice and one cause: to encourage voters to approve the yes for life amendment on November’s ballot. This amendment gives Kentuckians – for the first time ever – the opportunity to directly vote to protect the sanctity of vulnerable human life and safeguard our tax dollars from paying for the horrors of abortion.

As the Founding Members of the Yes for Life Alliance, we proudly welcomed the group to their Capitol at a pivotal moment for our Commonwealth. After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe earlier this year, the debate over abortion has come to states and ballot boxes across the country.

Here in Kentucky, voters will have the unique chance to enshrine our pro-life values with Constitutional Amendment #2.

Kentucky’s pro-life amendment is as simple as it is profound. With a few short words, this amendment can protect life, safeguard your tax dollars from paying for abortions and shore up our framework of commonsense, pro-life laws from activist judges.

The Amendment says: “To protect human life, nothing in this Constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion.”

The need for constitutional protections for the right to life is urgent. At this moment, pro-abortion activists are in state courts asking judges to “invent” a right to abortion. They want to tear down decades of Kentucky’s pro-life laws and take us one step closer to extreme abortion on demand.

Opponents of the yes for life Amendment are funded by radical, out-of-state interests who want to spend your tax dollars on abortions through all nine months of pregnancy. California may allow taking a baby’s life up to the moment of birth, but that’s too extreme for Kentucky. Voting yes on Amendment #2 will protect Kentucky’s pro-life laws and values from being overrun by coastal elites.

Don’t fall for the abortion industry’s disinformation. They can only win through fearmongering and deception. Abortion is not health care, and Amendment #2 does not affect lifesaving medical care for ectopic pregnancies or miscarriages. Kentucky’s current law protects the life and health of mothers and voting yes for life will codify that framework.

That’s why our Alliance has been hard at work across Kentucky, engaging pro-life voters to proudly show their support for the unborn and the yes for life amendment. We’ve hosted grassroots trainings, spoken in churches and community meetings and are encouraging all people of faith and conscience to join our cause.

We need every pro-life Kentuckian to take part in this movement and stop the radical abortion industry from forcing your tax dollars to pay for abortions.

Today, you can pledge your yes vote on Constitutional Amendment #2 at You’ll also find the tools and resources to encourage your friends, families and church communities to support the critical pro-life amendment.

Finally, when you go to the polls, join us in using your ballot to give voice to the vulnerable and vote yes for life.

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