Years of Life

Since the First of March through April 15, 122 Kentuckians have died from COVID-19. Most have been older citizens who lost their last, precious years of life.

During the same period of time, 561 unborn babies lost their lives in the Louisville abortion clinic.

Let’s be clear: ALL lives are valuable and ALL lives should be protected. But examine the magnitude of the “years of life” lost during this same period of time.

Estimating (generously) that “everyone would live to be 90 years of age,” the COVID-19 victims who have died have lost a total of 1,780 years of life – almost two millennia. [This is calculated using the Governor’s age-of-death chart: 30-39 one death, 40-49 three deaths, 50-59 seven deaths, 60-69 twenty-four deaths, 70-79 thirty-one deaths, and 80+ fifty-six deaths.]

Examine the “years of life” lost of the aborted children: 90 years times 561 equals 50,490 years – 50 millennia.

To re-state, from March 1 through April 15 in Kentucky:

There were 1,780 “years of life” lost to COVID-19.

There were 50,490 “years of life” lost to abortion.

Here is what YOU can do: sign our petition that encourages Gov. Beshear to allow Senate Bill 9 – The Born Alive Infant Protection Act – to become law. Note: It also allows the Attorney General to investigate the abortion industry in the Commonwealth and enforce Kentucky law.

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