Last Chance to Pass Pro-Life Bills

After passing 10 pro-life bills in the last three years, the Republican-led General Assembly has yet to pass a pro-life bill for the 2020 Session. While some pro-life bills have passed one Chamber or the other, none to date have passed both Chambers to become law. Case in point: House Bill 451 must still pass the Senate and Senate Bill 9 must still pass the House. Both can pass, but both face uncertainty.

SB 9 – The Born Alive Infant Protection Act – would prevent the infanticide of live births at abortion clinics. HB 451 would empower the Kentucky Attorney General to enforce existing laws on abortion clinics as well as executive orders regarding elective medical procedures during our current declared state of emergency.  It would also allow the Attorney General to investigate U of L’s deep involvement with the Louisville abortion clinic.

Consider the magnitude: Current data shows from March 1 through April 13, Kentucky deaths by abortion are 522 compared to 104 deaths resulting from COVID-19.

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