Win for Kids! Kentucky Law Protecting Children From Mutilation Goes Into Effect After Court Ruling

LEXINGTON, KY – Today, SB 150’s commonsense protections against harmful gender “transitions” for children, and the resulting irreversible harms, are in effect after a district court stayed a preliminary injunction against portions of SB 150.

Federal judge David Hale reversed his earlier decision to halt enforcement of SB 150’s protections against bodily mutilation through use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones in experimental gender transitions following the Sixth Circuit Court’s July 8 decision to stay an injunction on a similar Tennessee law and consolidate the two cases.

Statement from David Walls, executive director of The Family Foundation, in response to SB 150 going into effect:

“The ruling today is a big win for protecting children from harm. SB 150’s commonsense protections going into effect is something that all Kentuckians who wish to prioritize the health, safety, and welfare of children should celebrate. These experimental interventions have very real, immediate, and irreversible harms. The bodily mutilation of children should never be acceptable.

“We rejoice that Kentucky’s children are protected and look forward to Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s continued robust defense of SB 150 as this case progresses. The Kentucky General Assembly was right to protect children from bodily harm and reject the radical gender ideology targeting children. I am confident that the law will ultimately be upheld and that these barbaric medical experiments on children will end,” Walls concluded.

The Family Foundation played an integral role in the passage of Senate Bill 150 and in supporting its commonsense protections for children, along with hosting a press conference and rally supporting the General Assembly’s override of Gov. Beshear’s veto of the bill. SB 150 is now in full effect, a shield against a real and immediate harm threatening Kentucky’s children, who deserve to be loved, treated with dignity, and accepted for who they really are.


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