The Nov. 6 message? EVERY vote counts!

Consider these facts: six House seats were decided by 50 votes or less.

There were six House races that were decided by 50 votes or less, including one race that was decided by ONE VOTE.

House District 13: Incumbent D.J. Johnson (R) was defeated by Jim Glenn (D), the man he defeated in 2016. Out of 12, 637 votes, Glenn ended up with 6,319 and Johnson finished with 6,318. Johnson is asking for an official recount.

House District 27: Challenger Nancy Tate (R) defeated incumbent Jeff Greer (D) by six votes – 6,938 to 6,932.

House District 81: Vying for a seat where she defeated the incumbent in the Spring Primary, Deanna Frazier (R) defeated Morgan Eaves (D) by 24 votes – 8,111 to 8,087.

House District 88: This was an open seat because of a retirement. Cherlynn Stevenson (D) defeated Bill Farmer, Jr. (R), who had held that seat a number of years before. The vote totals were 12,378 to 12,330 – a 48 vote difference.

House District 91: Incumbent Gary “Toby” Herald (R) took the seat away from Cluster Howard (D) in 2013. Howard returned the favor in 2015, defeating Herald. Herald won again in 2017. This year, it flipped once again with Howard receiving 7,385 votes and Herald seven votes fewer – 7,378.

House District 96: Challenger Kathy Hinkle (D) defeated incumbent Jill York (R) by five votes – 7,136 to 7,131.

Consider the whole situation: In these six House races 96,443 votes were cast and a total of 91 votes decided who would be representing each district.

EVERYONE should always get out and vote their conscience!

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