The gambling industry is working now – CALL!

Watch for a number of bills to be offered in the 2019 Session. It will be sold as a “revenue-raiser,” so watch their guile.

The gambling industry is at it once again in its attempt to put down roots in Kentucky. Besides the eight-year-long court case where they are trying to bring casinos into Kentucky without a vote of the people or of the legislature, there is also talk of trying to have sports wagering companies offer their wares in Kentucky. Any way you look at it, it’s just people WITH money trying to prey on people WITHOUT money.

Government truly doesn’t have the right to give financial “hunting licenses” to those few special people, authorizing them to rip-off others. It is not gambling for those few (owners) because the games and machines make sure they win. The gamble – the risk – is the average man’s.

One of the major problems with gambling schemes is that the vast amounts of money always go elsewhere – It’s never FOR Kentucky or FOR the people of Kentucky. For instance, the sports wagering companies are all from out-of-state. So Kentucky money leaves the state, except for the small “commission” that the government receives because it has licensed the rip-off artists to do their thing.

Few people ever notice that gambling is always introduced NOT because it is a good thing, but because the money it “raises” (rips off from others) will do “good.” There is always some excuse to bring gambling in — no one ever says gambling itself is a “good thing.” Consider, that the Kentucky Lottery was “sold” to the citizens because it would “help” education. Originally, casinos were promoted in Kentucky to “help” the horse industry. Now gambling proponents want to “help pay down” the pension deficit. In other states, gambling was going to “lower property taxes” or help the “homeless veterans.” There is always an angle to manipulate those who will make the pro-gambling decision.

The fact is, those promoting gambling simply want to make more money, so they have learned how to “market” it to the powers that can say, “Yes.” And, if there are not people saying, “No to gambling,” it will be authorized because gambling money “talks.”

In addition to brand new efforts to expand gambling during the 2019 Session, The Family Foundation is still in court with those pushing “Instant Racing” devices across the state. After eight years, the Franklin Circuit Court finally ruled that ONE of the games is legal. The Foundation has appealed the decision.


You can begin saying “No” right now BEFORE there are hundreds of bills being pushed and hundreds of calls going into Frankfort. NOW is the time to call! (before the General Assembly’s “storm.”) Make two calls NOW. These message lines are open weekdays from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM at this time of year.

Call 1-502-564-2611 leave this message with the Governor’s receptionist: “Please veto any gambling bill!”

Call the toll-free Legislative Message Line, at 1-800-372-7181, and leave this two-part message for “all the legislators from my county.” (State Senators and Representatives): “Please vote against any gambling bill! And, Hold a hearing on ‘Instant Racing’ and the new casinos.”

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