The Family Foundation’s Statement on Kentucky Supreme Court Ruling in Case Involving Human Life Protection Act & Heartbeat Law

FRANKFORT, KY – Today, we celebrate a significant victory for the sanctity of life at the Kentucky Supreme Court. The Commonwealth’s high court upheld the Court of Appeals’ decision that a Louisville judge had wrongly stopped enforcement of Kentucky’s Human Life Protection Act and Heartbeat Law.

Following the Court’s ruling, The Family Foundation’s Executive Director David Walls released this statement:

“We celebrate today’s victory for life at Kentucky’s high court and applaud the justices for upholding the rule of law. Kentucky’s Human Life Protection Act and Heartbeat Law are clearly constitutional and must continue to be enforced. Despite pro-abortion challenges that will continue, activist judges must not put their own personal ideologies above the law and infringe upon the will of the people to protect unborn babies.

There can be no doubt that lives continue to be saved every day that the Human Life Protection Act is enforced and that fact should be celebrated by all Kentuckians,” Walls concluded.

The Court’s opinion does not address the abortionists claim that there is some hidden right to abortion within the Kentucky Constitution because it declares that there is “no appropriate party to raise that issue.” Kentucky’s abortion mills had made this absurd claim and alleged that they were representing the abortion “rights” of their patients. But the Kentucky Supreme Court rejected their claim to third party standing and emphasized that U.S. Supreme Court precedent allowing third party standing had been “strongly, and rightfully, discredited.”

For those reasons, the Court agreed with the Court of Appeals and found that the activist Louisville circuit court judge had wrongly stopped enforcement of Kentucky’s Human Life Protection Act and Heartbeat Law. Those laws will now continue to be enforced and lives will be saved as more litigation likely continues.


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