The Family Foundation Optimistic That Commonsense, Pro-Family Legislation Can Pass in 2022 General Assembly

LEXINGTON, KY – Today marked the start of Kentucky’s 2022 legislative session in Frankfort. Since its founding in 1990, The Family Foundation has been a leading pro-family educational and policy organization in the Commonwealth advocating for religious freedom, marriage, family, and life.

The Family Foundation’s new Executive Director David Walls released the following statement at the start of the 2022 General Assembly:

“The Family Foundation is optimistic that Kentucky’s 2022 General Assembly will see Kentucky families strengthened, preborn life protected, and religious freedom defended. We will be strong advocates for commonsense, pro-family legislation such as the Save Women’s Sports Act, which prohibits biological males from competing in women’s sports. This commonsense legislation recognizes basic biology and the hard-fought civil rights victories of women, while also ensuring fairness in competition.

We will also stand for the protection of religious freedom by opposing oppressive ‘sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI)’ laws which seek to use the force of government to wrongly punish faith-based organizations, businesses, and individuals,” concluded Walls.

The Family Foundation recently launched a new and updated website at The new website has several new features, including an updated Kentucky Citizen blog, where articles from the Kentucky Citizen newsletter will be posted digitally for the first time. The Family Foundation’s free Kentucky Citizen newsletter, which is mailed to tens of thousands of Kentuckians and churches across the Commonwealth, is an integral part of The Family Foundation’s mission to educate and equip Kentuckians on important issues impacting Kentucky families.

The Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that stands for Kentucky families and the biblical values that make them strong. Learn more at

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