The Church IS God’s salt and light for Kentucky

There are those who say that “the Church” should not speak about the issues of the day. Before one responds to that assertion, one must first define what “the Church” is. “Church” literally means “the called-out ones.” It is the people who follow Jesus who make up the Church who have been “called out of darkness and into His marvelous light.”

Should all the people who are citizens of the United States or citizens of Kentucky who follow Jesus NOT participate in discussions or in elections or in calling their legislators with their perspective regarding what’s best for the state?

Of course not. Each member SHOULD participate. Each member of a church is also a citizen, so they have a dual role to walk out: First, as a citizen of the Kingdom, they must “render to God that which is God’s.” And second, as a citizen of the United States or of Kentucky, they must “render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”

As believers share their vision (God’s vision) or their perspective (God’s perspective), they “flavor” the culture around them and they “shed light” on the question at hand from God’s perspective. Not to participate would be to “lose your savor” or to “put a bushel over your lamp.”

Perhaps most important of all is to recognize that if God’s perspective is not shared or discussed, then God’s perspective will not have an impact on the decisions made in Washington D.C., in Frankfort or in any city council. Is that God’s will . . . that His perspective is neither shared nor considered?

Given the darkness that has been moving across the nation for the last 30 or 40 years, it is time for those godly members of the Church to rise up and do what they were created to do (by God) and what the nation asks them to do (by the Founders) — PARTICIPATE!

With the issues of the 2018 General Assembly Session being discussed – Religious Freedom for Churches and Religious Schools, Students Right of Privacy (for restrooms, locker rooms and showers in schools), the Sanctity of Life, and Human Trafficking – it is critical that godly people let their voices be heard.

The Family Foundation will be distributing a special newspaper with details on the various pieces of legislation to make it easier for citizens to let their voice be heard — to be the salt and the light. Join with us!

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