Standing for Life at U.S. Supreme Court

Members of The Family Foundation team were gathered outside the U.S. Supreme Court, with other pro-life advocates from around the country, during Wednesday’s oral arguments in the historic Dobbs v. Jackson case challenging Roe v. Wade. The large crowd outside the Court was overwhelmingly pro-life.

Anticipation, that’s the word that captured the atmosphere of the pro-life crowd outside the Court. It was the hope that this historic moment will protect life, granting the justice pro-life America has been working towards for decades. It was the excitement of an opportunity to compassionately empower and serve women facing unplanned pregnancies. And the opportunity to see the beginning of the end of a legal regime that has directly led to 62 million babies being killed in the womb.

While it is difficult to predict the outcome of a court case based upon oral arguments, they went well and we are encouraged. But please continue to pray – a decision is expected next year. The Family Foundation is hopeful that this historical opportunity will stop the unjust slaughter of the unborn and be the beginning of an abortion-free America and Kentucky.