Special Update: Key Votes and Amendments Expected Today

The special legislative session of the General Assembly, called by Gov. Andy Beshear, is progressing quickly at the Capitol.

The Kentucky House and Senate are expected to vote today on two of the major special session bills:

SB 1/HB 1 – Legislation related to education during a declared emergency that would notably nullify regulations mandating masks statewide.

SB 2/HB 2 – Legislation related to COVID-19 emergency actions, including vaccines.


In addition, a number of important floor amendments have been filed on each bill and could be voted on today as well. We wanted to alert you to specific amendments (please note amendment numbers could change on the floor today) that are in alignment with The Family Foundation’s principles to ensure Kentuckians’ religious freedoms and liberties are protected and that parents are empowered to make decisions that are in the best interest of their children and families.

Senate Amendments to SB 1

Senate Floor Amendment 1 & 4 by Sen. Matt Castlen – Protects parental rights relating to masking for children in public schools.

Senate Floor Amendment 5 & 7 by Sen. Adrienne Southworth – Protects religious and health exemptions relating to masks and other COVID-19 requirements in schools. Protects children and staff from COVID-19 vaccine mandates at schools.

Senate Amendments to SB 2

Senate Floor Amendment 3 & 4 by Sen. Adrienne Southworth – Prohibit health facilities from implementing or enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate without providing a religious, conscientious or medical accommodation.

Senate Floor Amendment 5, 6, & 7 by Sen. Stephen West– Prohibit some employers and government contractors from requiring a COVID-19 vaccine without proving a religious, conscientious or medical accommodation and protecting against employment discrimination based on vaccination status.

House Amendments to HB 1

House Floor Amendment 2 & 4 by Rep. Felicia Rabourn – Specify that no school district or government entity shall require immunization of any person opposed to immunization based on religious or conscientiously held beliefs. Protect against discrimination on the basis of vaccination status.

House Amendments to HB 2

House Floor Amendment 3 by Rep. Shane Baker – Clarifies that HB 2 does not authorize vaccine mandates.


We continue to be thankful that the General Assembly is rightfully taking the lead in addressing these issues through legislation, instead of executive mandates.

Now that the Kentucky General Assembly is taking the lead, YOU have more say and influence than ever before. . .

BUT state legislators always need to hear from YOU! Call the Legislative Message Line RIGHT NOW at 1-800-372-7181 and simply leave a message for your state senator and representative. Together, we can help them represent us!

Thank you for taking action and being the salt you were called to be!


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