Report of Satanist, Marxist Ties to Amendment 2 Opposition Shows Kentuckians the Stakes of Nov. 8 Election

LEXINGTON, KY – The group leading the opposition to Kentucky’s Pro-Life Amendment 2 includes staff who have lauded the Satanic Temple as a “beacon of light” and participated in marches promoting Marxism, it was learned on Thursday in a national report.

The organization opposing Amendment 2, known as Protect Kentucky Access, has spent over $5 million, in mostly out-of-state money, to try to subvert and deceive Kentucky voters ahead of Tuesday’s vote. A significant portion of the funding has come from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, and their affiliates from across the nation.

“We hope Kentuckians will take note of the radical groups and ideologies that are leading the opposition to Amendment 2,” said David Walls, executive director of The Family Foundation in Kentucky. “It’s not a surprise that those who advocate for taxpayer-funded, abortion-on-demand all the way until the moment of birth attract some pretty radical personalities. This revelation has, however, confirmed what we already knew to be true: it isn’t Kentucky values nor Kentucky dollars driving the opposition to Amendment 2.”

Thursday’s exposé in the Daily Wire on satanist and other radical ties within the opposition of Amendment 2 has already further awakened Kentucky pastors and faith leaders ahead of the final weekend before the vote.

“Kentuckians want to honor the Lord and protect life,” said Kentucky Pastor Kenny Davis. “The radical ideologies behind the opposition to Amendment 2 are both speaking and acting, with plenty of money behind them. Pastors in Kentucky have a moral obligation to speak and act, too, to ensure Kentuckians protect life with Amendment 2 and understand the moral landscape in front of them.”

Amendment 2, if successfully passed on November 8, would simply clarify that nothing in the state’s constitution guarantees a right to, or public funding of, abortion in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Passage of this measure would constrain Kentucky’s judges to follow the will of the people when it comes to protecting a basic, fundamental right-to-life.


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