PRESS RELEASE: Legal Brief Filed at KY Supreme Court Supporting Pro-Life Laws

LEXINGTON, KY – Yesterday, The Family Foundation filed a legal brief with the Kentucky Supreme Court emphasizing the need to uphold the Commonwealth’s pro-life laws.

The Commonwealth’s high court is currently considering the abortion industry’s legal challenge to Kentucky’s pro-life laws prohibiting the killing of a preborn human, except when medically necessary to save the mother. Oral arguments are scheduled for November 15, one week after Kentuckians will vote on pro-life Constitutional Amendment #2.

“Kentucky’s Constitution is silent about abortion and is thus neutral on this contentious issue, but the People of Kentucky have spoken clearly through their elected representatives, explained David Walls, executive director of The Family Foundation. “The People’s decision to protect unborn life reflects scientific fact and barring the People from protecting unborn life would be a radical departure from the role of the courts.”

As our brief in Daniel Cameron v. EMW Women’s Surgical Center warns, the stakes couldn’t be higher:

“The United States Supreme Court tried to impose a judicial vision of abortion-on-demand for nearly 50 years, to disastrous results… Now, several abortionists whose business interests are at stake want [the Kentucky Supreme Court] to make all these mistakes and more. They want [the] Court to take sides on one of the most contentious questions of our time… they want [the] Court to categorically hold that unborn life—at least before some arbitrary point of viability, which is unknowable, circumstance-dependent, and always changing—has no value at all. They claim that the Constitution enshrines their moral belief that pre-viability life deserves no protection.”

To read or download our full amicus brief, click here.

“The pro-abortion industry’s argument that the Kentucky Constitution somehow secretly contains a right to terminate the life and stop the beating heart of an unborn human being, despite Kentucky’s 100+ year pro-life history, is absolutely absurd. This court challenge is a crystal-clear reminder why Kentuckians must ensure that state-level, pro-abortion judicial activism is forever stopped by passing the “Yes for Life” Constitutional Amendment on November 8,” Walls concluded.

The Family Foundation is a founding member of the “Yes for Life” Alliance that is educating and equipping Kentuckians on the “Yes for Life” Constitutional Amendment that will be on the November 8 ballot. Kentuckians can learn more about the “Yes for Life” Constitutional Amendment at


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