Parents’ Rights Protection Act Passes Kentucky Senate

FRANKFORT, KY – The Family Foundation applauds Sen. Steve West, the bill’s sponsor, and the Senate chamber for the passage of Senate Bill 40 – the “Parents’ Rights Protection Act.”

“Parents, not the State, should have the ultimate authority over parenting decisions,” said David Walls, Executive Director of The Family Foundation. “With the passage of SB 40, Kentucky can join the majority of states in giving parental rights the respect they are due. Parental rights are a fundamental right, and Kentucky law must make that clear.”

At least 13 states have, in some measure, affirmed Parents’ Rights as a fundamental right by statute. Furthermore, 31 states have a judicial record stating parents’ rights are “fundamental,” applying strict scrutiny to parental rights cases. But Kentucky has neither.

SB 40 affirms that parental rights are fundamental and deserve strict scrutiny, the same level of legal protection as other fundamental rights. SB 40 must still pass the Kentucky House.


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