Let Us Pray

This Must Stop!

“The LORD loves righteousness and justice.” – Psalm 33:5a

The “Tour of the Gila” is an iconic American bicycle race that is widely revered nationally and internationally. The bicycle race is located in Silver City, New Mexico, and just finished its 36th annual race.

Since 1987, the Tour of the Gila has hosted both a women’s race and also a men’s race. For the first time in the history of this respected bicycle race, the crowned champion of the women’s race was no woman at all.

A biological male named, Austin Killips, who identifies as a “transgender female,” won the Stage 5 Gila Monster and claimed the overall victory in the women’s race. This marks the first time a “transgender” cyclist has ever won an official UCI stage race.

Once again, in the name of transgender ideology, women lose and, in this case, had a prestigious opportunity to win the Tour of the Gila ripped away from them. It is beyond time for this nonsense to stop.

This is yet just another instance that reinforces the need for the United States Congress to pass a bill that protects women’s sports like the KY Legislature did in 2022. Thankfully, weeks ago, the United States House of Representatives in a 219-203 vote passed H.R. 734, the federal “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act.” It is crucially important that the United States Senate acts accordingly on this piece of legislation so that American female athletes are allowed to compete on a level and fair playing field.

Father, help our nation to collectively honor the fact that You have created each and every person either male or female for a good purpose. Lord, empower the U.S. Senate to take a strong stand for truth and pass the federal “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act.” Father, may the nonsensical worldview of transgenderism be completely rejected in the United States and only Your truth be adhered to. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.