Let Us Pray

The Call to Be Bold (February 1, 2022)

“Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold.” – 2 Corinthians 3:12

Our culture seems to be changing at warp speed. In fact, the world appears to be spinning completely out of control. What use to be Biblical, concrete, objective facts are now being turned upside down and redefined.

For example, the term marriage has been hi-jacked in our nation and now not only means a covenant between one man and one woman but according to some can refer to a relationship between two women or two men. Furthermore, the idea of gender is no longer determined by one’s biological makeup, but by one’s subjective feelings and thoughts.

As believers in Christ, we know the Bible speaks clearly about the nature of marriage, gender, life, and more. The truth about these subjects never changes even though our culture does.

Scripture calls and commands believers to be bold and courageous. We are not called to surrender, give up, or back down when it comes to the truth of God’s Word. Thankfully, believers in Christ do not have to rely on their own strength to be bold in their culture as the Holy Spirit indwells us and gives us the strength that is needed if we will just take a step of courage in faith.

As the 2022 KY General Assembly rages on, let us answer the call to be bold for Christ in our efforts to promote God-honoring public policy in an ever-changing culture that seems absolutely intent on changing and redefining God’s truth. With great confidence, knowing the Holy Spirit will give us the strength to stand strong for Biblical truth in this legislative session, let us courageously promote the truth about family, life, religious liberty, human sexuality, and human dignity.

Father, may we adhere and answer the call to be bold for You in our culture. Help us, Lord, to rely on Your Spirit for strength, boldness, and courage. May we represent You, Father, during this legislative session with an intense boldness. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Praying For Our Kentucky Leaders

Join us in praying for our elected leaders throughout
the 2022 Legislative Session:

Kentucky Legislators in District 33 and 34

Sen. Gerald Neal (District 33)
Rep. Jason Nemes (District 33)
Sen. Jared Carpenter (District 34)
Rep. Mary Lou Marzian (District 34)