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Politicizing Emojis (February 2, 2022)

“Now the works of the flesh are evident: sexual immorality, impurity, sensuality.” – Galatians 5:19

There seems to be nothing off-limits for LGBTQ+ activists as they seek to advance woke and dangerous ideologies throughout America. Now, the powerful American technology giant, Apple Inc., is using and politicizing emojis to advance the transgender movement.

Apple has recently announced that in the new iPhone update there will be a new emoji depicting a “pregnant man.” Yes, you read that correctly, the emoji portrays a biological male that is holding his so-called “baby bump.”

The influential technology company is advocating for something that is completely false and is beyond the realm of objective reality. Frankly, there is no such thing scientifically, or in any other conceivable way as a “pregnant man.” Saying there can be a pregnant man is just as incoherent as saying there can be a married bachelor, it is logically impossible.

It is sad to see the left push so hard for an ideology that is so utterly absurd. There are massive epistemological issues and concerns that accompany this latest stunt from Apple and transgender advocates.

From a Biblical worldview, we as believers know the objective truth about gender and human sexuality from the unchanging words of Scripture that speak clearly about these issues. What Apple and the left continue to do is reject the teachings of Scripture and place themselves as the arbiters of truth determining what reality is. Nothing good happens to a person or a nation who makes themselves their own god.

Father, please help our nation to understand that You alone determine truth and reality. Lord, may the truths of Your Word about human sexuality and gender be promoted all throughout Kentucky and America. Father, please do not let this stunt by Apple influence vulnerable individuals to adopt the perverted transgender ideology. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Praying For Our Kentucky Leaders

Join us in praying for our elected leaders throughout
the 2022 Legislative Session:

Kentucky Legislators in District 35 and 36

Sen. Denise Harper Angel (District 35)
Rep. Lisa Willner (District 35)
Sen. Julie Raque Adams (District 36)
Rep. Jerry Miller (District 36)