Let Us Pray

Scotland Criminalizes Speaking Truth

“He who speaks truth tells what is right, But a false witness, deceit.” – Proverbs 12:7

On April 1, the government of Scotland passed and implemented a very concerning piece of legislation named, the “Hate Crime and Public Order Act.” The legislation makes it illegal to “stir up hatred with threatening or abusive behavior on the basis of characteristics including age, disability, religion, sexual orientation and transgender identity.”

Predominantly, the law focuses on speech that could be considered “offensive” relating to another’s “sexual orientation” or “gender identity.” Specifically, now in Scotland, if one “misgenders” another, one could face up to seven years in prison. So-called “misgendering” supposedly happens when an individual addresses a transgender person by the wrong pronouns.

What needs to be noted, in this story, is this; Scotland has criminalized speaking the truth. The reality is, “misgendering” someone is not something a Christian does out of anger or hate with the intent to hurt, rather it is done out of obedience to God’s command, love for neighbor, and out of respect for God’s created order.

By going along and using the preferred pronouns of a transgender person, one is going along with the lie that individuals can choose their own gender and redo what God has designed. To truly love our neighbor means not going along with the lies of transgenderism or immoral lifestyles that will lead to a life of negative consequences, but it means speaking the truth courageously so that our neighbor may understand God’s design for human sexuality and live in that truth and experience a fruitful life.

This law passed in Scotland reminds us of how important our First Amendment rights are and that they must be protected so that speaking the truth will never be criminalized here in America.


Father, please empower Your people in Scotland to always and courageously speak the truth. Lord, help us to effectively and boldly advocate for Your design of human sexuality in our culture that is so confused. Father, may our freedom of speech always endure here in the United States. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.