Let Us Pray

“Live as people who are free…” – 1 Peter 2:16a

Our founders in the Constitution of the United States of America formally asserted that there would be no official church like that of European nations. In the First Amendment of the Constitution, it is expressed that Americans have the incredible blessing to freely exercise our faith according to the dictates of our own conscience.

In fact, this freedom is commonly referred to as our “First Freedom.” This freedom is a unique American liberty and is rooted firmly in our founders’ ideals of tolerance in relation to the many different Christian denominations.

Our First Freedom protects each and every American from being forced to believe in or hold to any religious view that violates his or her own faith and conscience. This right to Religious Liberty allows every American to freely worship God without fear of governmental oppression or oversight.

Quick Question: Are you making the most of our wonderful God-given freedom of religious liberty? Are you faithfully proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to those around you? Are you faithfully proclaiming God’s truth in the public square, in the halls of power, and in the culture? Let us resolve to fully embrace the incredible blessing of our First Freedom and promulgate God’s truth to our world.

Father, we praise You for our First Freedom that allows us to worship You freely in this nation in accordance with Your Word and our conscience. Lord, please protect our religious freedom, and may it long endure in our nation. Father, help us to use our religious liberty to influence our culture for You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.