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"Help Not Harm" Act Desperately Needed (January 19, 2022)

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.” – Mark 9:42

Recently, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health released a draft of new guidelines for so-called “transgender” healthcare. The new guidelines have added fuel to the fire in the debate where physicians are bitterly divided when it comes to the best course of treatment for teens who are struggling with gender dysphoria.

Sadly, the part of the guidelines that is causing an uproar is where the document simply states that there should be a more cautious approach when it comes to struggling teens. The guidelines state that adolescents must undergo “mental health assessments” and must have questioned their gender identity for “several years” before receiving drugs or surgeries.

Thankfully, more and more medical professionals are starting to question the use of experimental transitioning drugs and procedures on struggling children. Those in the medical profession should know better than anyone, that these transitioning procedures are extremely harmful, and thus, should not just be forced on a child who is having questions about their bodies.

The transition procedures, that activists are pushing on children who experience gender dysphoria are extremely dangerous and will permanently alter their bodies. These procedures include puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and surgical mutilation. Those pushing the transgender procedures on children need to understand they are causing these little ones to sin by advocating for those suffering from gender dysphoria to mutilate and permanently mar the image of God in which they were created.

These individuals need to realize the petrifying position they are in before God, as God has a special love for children (Matt.19:14) and will deal with those who try to prey on them. This, once again, reinforces the need for the KY General Assembly to pass the “Help Not Harm” legislation that has been filed (SB 84 and HB 253) to protect vulnerable children from the irreversible damage that goes along with children receiving transitioning procedures.

Father, please fill the KY General Assembly with the courage to pass the “Help Not Harm” legislation. Lord, reveal to medical professionals that it is never helpful to mutilate the way in which You have created someone and that one’s greatest flourishing will happen in the gender that You have created them. Father, please help children who are suffering from gender dysphoria to know Your love, and to see the perfect plan for which You have created them. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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