Let Us Pray

Big Victory for Fairness in Sports

“Blessed are they who observe justice, who do righteousness at all times!” – Psalm 106:3

In 2021, the West Virginia state legislature joined multiple other states including Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and others in passing the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” similar to the one passed last session here in our Commonwealth. This piece of legislation ensures that athletes must compete on teams that align with their biological sex and not in connection with their gender identity.

Furthermore, this bill protects female athletes in a variety of ways and makes certain that they are allowed to compete on a fair and level playing field. After the “Save Women’s Sports Act” became law in West Virginia in 2021, the American Civil Liberties Union challenged the bill in a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, in July of 2021, a federal district judge blocked West Virginia temporarily from enforcing the law. At that time, Lainey Armistead, who is a female collegiate athlete at West Virginia State University, decided to take a courageous stand to protect herself and other female athletes throughout the state.

On her behalf, Alliance Defending Freedom intervened by filing a motion requesting a federal district court to allow Armistead to intervene and defend the law, which was ultimately allowed. Thankfully, just days ago, the federal district court ruled in favor of Armistead and thus dissolved the preliminary injunction which now allows the Save Women’s Sports Act to go into full effect once again in West Virginia. This is a big victory for female athletes as they will now be protected and ensured a level playing field in West Virginia.


Father, thank You for the courage of Lainey Armistead as she took a strong stand for truth. Lord, we praise You for this big victory in West Virginia that protects female athletes all throughout the state. Father, may Your design of humanity being male and female be honored throughout Kentucky and America. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.