Let Us Pray

“You must speak my words to them, whether they listen or fail to listen…”
– Ezekiel 2:7

The Prophet Ezekiel was given a very burdensome and arduous task of presenting the message God had given him to the exiles in Babylon. These exiles were extremely difficult individuals to communicate with as they were ungrateful and abusive.

The people God had called Ezekiel to share His message with were so uncharitable that God had to tell the prophet to be not afraid of them three times (Ezekiel 2:6-10). Ezekiel’s calling, however, was simple, it was to be faithful and speak God’s truth to the exiles whether they chose to listen or not.

Ezekiel’s calling is our very calling today. God has called us to be His messengers in our own culture. Although many in our nation reject Biblical truth, our calling remains, and that is regardless of whether those around us listen or not we are to be faithful in our proclamation of God’s truth.

Let us take courage and be filled with peace that our calling is not based on our society’s response to God’s message, but rather our calling is to simply be faithful in speaking God’s truth to those around us whether they listen or not.

Father, give us the courage and strength we need to faithfully proclaim Your truth to those around us. Lord, empower us to be faithful to You in all avenues of our life. Father, help us to be clear and winsome messengers for You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.