KY Election A Sobering Wake-Up Call for Christians & Pro-Lifers

3 takeaways from Andy Beshear’s abortion-fueled victory . . .


Tuesday’s election results in Kentucky, and across the nation, were another sobering reminder that the battle to build a culture of life — where every preborn baby created in the image of God is given full dignity and equal protection under the law — is far from over.

Kentucky’s pro-abortion Governor Andy Beshear (D) won re-election by defeating his pro-life challenger, Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R). And Beshear won, in part, by focusing heavily on the abortion issue while never being held to account for his extreme pro-abortion views and record. 

And Planned Parenthood is celebrating . . .

While we have much to be thankful for here in Kentucky, with our pro-life laws prohibiting abortion still in full effect, I pray that this election is a needed wake-up call for pro-lifers and Christians across Kentucky and the entire nation.

Make no mistake, Andy Beshear and Planned Parenthood want abortion to resume in Kentucky – not just for rare exceptions – but through all nine months of pregnancy and at taxpayer expense. But we can and will RISE to the challenge! 

Here are 3 important takeaways from Tuesday’s election . . .

1. Pro-abortion forces and the culture of death are on the march.

We must be truthful about this. On Tuesday, we also saw our neighbors to the north, Ohio, become the 7th straight state in which pro-abortion forces have won on a ballot initiative since Roe was overturned (Kentucky’s pro-life Amendment 2 from last year included). Planned Parenthood’s tweet makes their horrifying perspective clear, as they proudly announce that “abortion is a winning issue.”

2.  If we don’t engage in the abortion battle, we can’t expect to win.

In Ohio, pro-abortion forces outspent pro-lifers by $12 million. Here in Kentucky, we were outspent on Amendment 2 last year by 6-1, and Andy Beshear significantly outraised and outspent Daniel Cameron this election. This included significant resources being spent by the Beshear Campaign/Planned Parenthood on highly deceptive (but effective) abortion ads, and very little being spent or messaged to counter the lies or accurately portray the true radicalism of the pro-abortion position.

We simply can’t bury our heads in the sand and “shift to other issues” as many in the establishment and consultant class are recommending. We must remember Dietrich Bonhoeffer famous words, “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” If voters are only hearing the pro-abortion message, are we really surprised that they vote based on the message they are hearing?

If we hope to make further pro-life gains, we must boldly and aggressively expose the evil of abortion and its destruction of a preborn life. We must launch new strategies to win the hearts and minds of our fellow Kentuckians — and it starts with Churches discipling believers with a comprehensive biblical worldview that can clearly see and withstand the lies of the enemy.

3. The battle just got harder, but that’s ok because we are fighting on the Lord’s side!

We have truth on our side. We have science on our side. Human life begins at fertilization, every preborn human is created in the image of God, and abortion is an evil act that kills a living human person. We know these truths are clear and consistent in God’s word. But the election results will ensure that the battle becomes more intense, especially in the upcoming 2024 KY Legislative Session starting in January.

The Family Foundation is already working to fight back against any efforts to resume legalized killing of unborn children in Kentucky, regardless of the circumstances of a baby’s conception. Just this week, I have been meeting with pro-life leaders here in Kentucky and across the nation to prepare for a robust agenda for Kentucky that is pro-life, pro-woman, and pro-family.

We must do more to combat the lies of the enemy and courageously face the big challenges ahead of us. We really need your prayers, increased engagement, and financial support.

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All of our voices are needed to ensure the evil of abortion is not just prohibited in law — but is unthinkable in the hearts and minds of Kentuckians, and all Americans!

Faithfully, in Christ,


David Walls
Executive Director
The Family Foundation

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