Kentucky Senate Passes SB 115 Protecting Children from Adult Performances

FRANKFORT, KY – The Family Foundation applauds Senator Lindsey Tichenor, the bill’s sponsor, and the Senate chamber for the passage of Senate Bill 115. The bill passed 26-6 (with 1 pass vote) and now heads to the Kentucky House.

SB 115 prevents adult performances, including performances involving male or female impersonators who appeal to the prurient interest, at public libraries, public schools, or anywhere else where children might be. 

Statement from David Walls, executive director of The Family Foundation:

“SB 115 is a straightforward, commonsense, and necessary bill to protect children in Kentucky from inappropriate adult performances. Let’s state the obvious, sexually explicit adult performances, including drag shows, should not take place near children or in schools or libraries.

“SB 115 is a family-friendly bill that will help protect children and families from these unregulated and harmful adult performances that are specifically targeting children,” Walls concluded.

Over the past several years, in Kentucky and across the nation, there has been a growing concern about adult performances targeting children. At public libraries, in schools, and on other public property there has been a coordinated push to let men dressed up as exaggerated, hyper-sexualized caricatures of women perform for children, including reading sexualized and age-inappropriate books.

The organization Drag Queen Story Time – Kentucky regularly hosts events for children and they openly advertise their availability to perform at public libraries, schools, and community centers.


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