Kentucky & Other States Celebrate Passing “Help Not Harm” Laws Protecting Children From Bodily Mutilation!

BREAKING UPDATE: North Carolina becomes the 20th state to adopt a version of the Help Not Harm law after overriding Governor Roy Cooper’s veto. Since this article was posted on July 28, 2023, the North Carolina legislature has passed a law banning “gender transition” surgeries and puberty blockers for minors. Additionally, the legislature also passed the Save Women’s Sports Act as well as the Parent’s Bill of Rights, both of which were vetoed by the Governor. Momentum continues to grow to protect kids and put power back in the hands of parents.

For too long, children have been the nonconsenting lab experiments for the left’s radical gender ideology. The most recent attack on children involves bodily mutilation through irreversible puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgery in the name of “gender transitioning” them.

In the real and painful instances of children struggling to reconcile with their biological sex, 80-95 percent will do so by adulthood if they aren’t pushed to “transition.” But very real mental, emotional, and physical harm is done – some of it irreversible – if those around the child buy into the radical claim that this is cause to ignore science and redefine reality. Such gender confusion contributes to the current suicide epidemic.

Every child deserves to be loved, treated with dignity, and accepted for who they really are. That’s why we are celebrating SB 150, a shield against the real and immediate harm threatening Kentucky’s children.

SB 150 protects children from mutilation by prohibiting irreversible puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and “sex-change” surgeries. All three of these experimental “treatments” are about the physical mutilation of healthy, normally functioning bodies. Once you embrace physically altering a properly functioning body through puberty blockers, 98 percent or more will proceed to cross-sex hormones and surgery.

Fortunately, momentum is on our side. Kentucky and 18 other states have protected children from all three barbaric forms of mutilation through “Help-Not-Harm” laws, with North Carolina poised to override the Governor’s veto. Georgia and West Virginia have enacted some partial protections for children.

Last week, The Family Foundation celebrated these victories at a gathering of fellow state-based family policy councils and Christian legislators from across the nation. Our executive director David Walls presented on the subject with Kentucky Representatives Jennifer Decker and Shane Baker.

It’s amazing to see how the Lord is moving on this issue across the nation and how Kentucky is serving as an example to other states that still must act to protect children from this grave evil.

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